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Then this happened. 

And they say you never see Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the same place at the same time.


Then this happened. 

And they say you never see Bruce Banner and the Hulk in the same place at the same time.

I’ve noticed a few Tumblr blogs i would like to follow but there is one glaringly obvious reason why i won’t.

They post far too much.

Why is this a problem? Think about it, if you are contantly posting and reblogging all day everyday then your posts are gonna fill up their feeds and push other peoples posts further down.

You might think “good, my content will be seen”. But, in reality your followers will be thinking “jeez, do they not know when to stop?”. Keep going at it and people will unfollow. This isn’t just a Tumblr thing, it happens on Facebook.

Remember, this isn’t twitter where your update is restricted to 140 characters and is more acceptable to post quite often.


1. Keep it to 3 a day max.
2. Use the queue feature to stagger them throughout the day.


Listen/purchase: Rave It Up by Vibemaster B

Reblog if you love your Hardcore bouncy :)

The Shamen - Move Any Mountain

If you watched the Commonwealth games opening ceremony then you will have heard this track playing as Team Scotland came out.

The Shamen were one of the big names from the dance scene back in the 90’s and are one of Scotlands exports.

Good choice of track :)

Check this other Oldskool Vid: Altern-8 - Infiltrate 202


" I think this calls for a bit of Happy Hardcore don’t you? " ( followed by Altern-8 playing in the background ) Big Up Eastenders! Haha

A bit of Happy Hardcore is defo what ya need.

With all the stories surrounding Soundcloud doing mass takedowns as well as reports that they have allowed Universal backdoor access so that they can remove files without warning, people have decided to look for Soundcloud alternatives.

Here is a list of alternatives for both original tracks and mixes.

DJ Mixes

The one that most of the big name DJ’s are using and has always been used instead of Soundcloud.

The only downside I can think of is you are not able to download the mixes.

This one seems to be Mixclouds main rival with one main difference, they allow downloads of the mixes.

Original Tracks

One of the main music upload sites that not only you to upload your original tunes but also choose whether to sell them or not. You can choose your own pricing structure such as free (limited to 200 per month), name your price or a specific price.
You can also sell merchandise from your page.
A music upload site that pre-dates both Soundcloud and bandcamp. Unfortunately it looks very dated and only allows 128kbps files for basic accounts.

Upload your music and you can set it to only allow people to download if they tweet it. However, there is only an option to add a buy link outside of twitmusic instead of being able to sell from the website itself. Just put in your bandcamp links instead.

This is but a small list of Soundcloud alternatives that stand out to me. If you know of any other mix or music upload sites then please comment below.

Another Great Article: Is It Easier to Submit Demo Tracks To Labels?

And complete. #ChromaCaps #DJTT #Traktor #TraktorS4

And complete. #ChromaCaps #DJTT #Traktor #TraktorS4


After thinking long and hard over this i have decided to change from being a free netlabel to being a directory of music that i have been involved in and will link to those tracks.

Don’t worry, all of my music from here can still be downloaded for free as i’ve already moved them…

I’m of the firm belief that EDM is an acronym of Electronic Dance Music that was used mainly in the USA and has now came over to the UK because of the more commercial Big Room House infultrating the charts and events.

People in the UK seem to believe it’s a subgenre of Dance Music and use the name to slag off the more commercial material i mentioned earlier.

I started using the term EDM to describe my music even though i produce mostly bouncy Hardcore. I started doing this since learning a few years back that electronic dance music was gaining popularity in the US.

So what is your take on this?

Just some fancy knobs for my controller. #chromacaps #djtt #traktor

Just some fancy knobs for my controller. #chromacaps #djtt #traktor

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