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Hardfloor - The Art of Acid - Album

One of my main influences, Hardfloor are bringing out a brand new album featuring their now famous acid style with 303 basslines.

Past few day i’ve had problems updating Tumblr blog from apps.

Anyone else.

I’m posting this from the Tumblr app so hopefully it goes through.

EDIT: This went through, but i’ve noticed the Tumblr app is having problems with Youtube videos.

Anyone else getting this?

Haw, where’s ma kittens? #Digestives #ChocolateDigestives

EDM Disney Remix album… Are you kidding me??!!!!?!!!?! Please tell me this is a joke.

Without the web i wouldn’t be able to share my music with the world and the world wouldn’t be sharing my music. #web25 #EDM #EDMFamily

Hoverboard Has Been Invented?

If only. I can tell a fake when i see one and thousands of people around the world are falling for it.

Let’s hope hope someone invents one though, 2015 is only a year away.

Another 6 pens added to my #Promarker collection for all my cover #art projects. How many is too many?

R.I.P Wayne Smith. SL2 sampled one of his songs for this monster 90’s Rave anthem - Way In My Brain -

Saddened to hear Track It Down has gone into administration. Hopefully it will get a buyer and survive.